Institute for Cancer Prevention

Major studies are: Selenium as a Micronutrient in Cancer Prevention, Tea in Effective Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS),South Carolina Prostate Cancer Prevention and Telehealth Program Institute For Cancer Prevention/Johnson & Wales University Collaboration, Ongoing Clinical Prevention Studies in Gastrointestinal Cancers, Soy Intervention Trial, Garlic and Prostate HealthCUNY-IFCPCC Collaboration Project in Ethnicand Social Disparities in Cancer, Role for Allium Derivatives from Garlic,in Control of Human Prostate Cancer

Originador(es): Institute for Cancer Prevention
Recurso adicionado em: 16/01/2003
Objetivo: The main objectives of this program are to: advance multidisciplinary basic and clinical research, ugrade the training in nutrition and cancer prevention for health professionalsImprove clinical care of cancer patients; andProvide accurate and timely information on nutrition.
Idiomas disponíveis: Inglês
Neoplasias/prevenção & controle, Neoplasias/diagnóstico
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