Unequal treatment: confronting racial and ethnic disparities in health care


The racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive a lower quality of healthcare than non-minorities, even when access-related factors, such as patients' insurance status and income, are controlled. The sources of these disparities are complex, are rooted in historic and contemporary inequities, and involve many participants at several levels, including health systems, their administrative and bureaucratic processes, utilization managers, healthcare professionals, and patients. Consistent with the charge, the study committee focused part of its analysis on the clinical encounter itself, and found evidence that stereotyping, biases, and uncertainty on the part of healthcare providers can all contribute to unequal treatment. The web site show the book on PDF format. For developing contries, the PDF file are available free.

Autor(es): Smedley, Brian D., Stith, Adrienne Y., Nelson, Alan R. Originador(es): US Institute of Medicine (IOM)
Recurso adicionado em: 17/12/2002
Idiomas disponíveis: Inglês
Preconceito, Ethnic
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